2014 Primary Election Voter's Guide - May 20th is Election Day!


  • REDISTRICTING ALERT: To identify your US House and State Senate districts, click here to visit the Pennsylvania General Assembly website and enter your address. To identify your State House district - call your local county board of elections - Click here for their number.
  • This Primary Election Voter's Guide does not contain every district. Due to time constraints, the guide includes the statewide gubernatorial race and the contested races - where candidates have opponents within their own parties as Democrats and Republicans contend for their parties' nomination - for U.S. House, State Senate and State House. Your district may not be listed.
  • To help determine which candidate deserves your vote, review and answer the questions yourself, then compare your answers to the candidates' answers.
  • You are not required to vote for every race on your ballot.
  • Have more questions? Click here for more information on our guide.

Regional Primary Election Voter's Guides

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